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IGC-1000 Manual Cooler

IGC-1000 Manual Cooler

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"The manually operated equipment is characterized by its simple operation: it is only necessary to turn a handle anti-clockwise for 5-6 seconds and then close it manually. Its greatest attribute is its excellent freezing capacity, managing to maintain temperatures extremely low. In addition, it offers an intuitive user experience thanks to its visual and audible indicators. Manufactured with high-quality materials, this machine ensures resistance and durability, making it the ideal option for professional and industrial applications that demand top-quality frozen." 

The accessory IGC-4000  (Dry ice generator) is not included in the purchase of one of our equipment, as it is a product that is coupled to make dry ice but is not part of it. You can also get it by adding it to your cart.

Arrival time from 3 to 5 days in national territory, and from 5 to 10 days outside the United States, not considering the customs times or tariffs of each country in case they are required, the company will follow up through the number of shipment to the client until the moment of arrival at each destination.

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Our innovative cup milling machine uses food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) to achieve exceptional results.

The customer must supply the CO2 and couple it to the machine. The (CO2) food grade guarantees a high-quality and precise frying finish, with an efficient processing time.

The 20-pound bottle is recommended since it provides a performance in machines with a 4-second press of approximately 280 frisations, and in 6 seconds of action we would achieve over approximately 200 frisations as long as the siphon of the bottle is as low as possible to take advantage of the (CO2) food grade in liquid state, since it is indicated for the perfect performance of the shredding machine.

Food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) is widely used in everyday consumption in a variety of applications. Some of the more common uses of (CO2) food grade in consumption include:

  • Carbonated Beverages: CO2 is used to carbonate soft drinks, sparkling waters, beers, and other fizzy drinks.
  • Dry Ice: Solid CO2, known as dry ice, is used to chill drinks and transport perishable foods.
  • Beer Dispensers: In bars and restaurants, beer dispensing systems use CO2 to pressurize and dispense beer from kegs.

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