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About us

"Experience perfection in every sip with our line of glass, pitcher, and tumbler chillers. With three exceptional models, we're sure you'll find the perfect fit for your needs. Our glass chillers are fast and efficient, chilling your glasses up to reach -65 degrees in just 6 seconds.Enjoy refreshing drinks instantly and surprise your guests with a touch of freshness every time.In addition, to take your drinks to the next level, we offer an exclusive accessory: our innovative dry ice at -80 degrees.This accessory, compatible with all our models, is a must-have trend in modern cocktail making.Immerse yourself in creativity and surprise your guests with a touch of spectacularity in each cocktail.Take your drinking moments to new heights and enjoy excellence in every sip."

  • Save Space

    It is not necessary to have refrigeration equipment or freezers to keep the glasses at low temperatures.

  • Minimize Expenses

    Save energy, dispensing with cold rooms.

  • Enhances the Flavor

    Thanks to its liquid CO2 content suitable for consumption, it preserves the authentic flavor of the drink without altering it.

  • Visual Attraction

    Its impressive visual impact captures the attention of all viewers in your establishment.

  • Higher Consumption

    The increase in consumption in the establishments where it is implemented translates into an increase in commercial benefits.

  • Differentiat e Yourself

    It stands out from the other competitors.

  • Top Service

    It provides additional value in customer service and enhances it with a lower investment.

  • Cocktails and Prepared Drinks

    It is compatible with a wide variety of containers, and in a matter of seconds the container freezes, making it easy to prepare cocktails, mixed drinks and other drinks.

  • Fast and Frozen

    To date, the market speed leader.

  • Frozen Quality

    The cup freezes evenly and homogeneously.

  • Cleaning

    It is hygienic, disinfects containers and is easy to clean. Environmental friendly.

  • Increase in Income

    Investing in our machine will generate cost savings, increase demand and attract more customers, resulting in higher profits.

  • Essential

    Ice cubes in the freezer are cooled to -6ºC. By placing them in a glass and freezing them in the freezer for 5 seconds, they will reach a temperature of -68ºC. After 15 minutes, not a trace of water will remain in your gin and tonic or cocktail.

  • No Competition

    Lower energy consumption than other frosters available on the market.

  • Ease

    It simplifies and reduces the workload of the waiter, providing an efficient service.

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